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Pet Peeves

Folks With Dogs - Attention:  Please, please, please have the common courtesy of taking a bag with you clean up after your animal especially in public areas.  Harumph!

I blamed my poor cat for the malodorous eddy that wafted up last night after my walk when she leaped into my lap.  Taken away from her mother a little young, Gibblette didn't get the full lesson bathing and knew nothing beyond "licked my front paws - I'm clean Mom!"  Swiffer, the big ole dumb neutered male, slapped a big paw on the little one and held her down, licking her from ears to tail until she learned that cats are supposed to do a bit more work than that.  Apparently either Swiffer was not terribly excited about licking the new kitten's rear or she decided on her own that was just too gross; either way she can be a bit lax in that area.  Urk.

I had to apologize this morning.  I had just done the heel-toe exercise in shoe removal last night and didn't explore any further.  But this morning, when putting them on again I diiscovered the mess on the bottom of my left one.  These are less than a week old, of course.

I've scrubbed, picked and rinsed but I still smell like dog poop.  Make that dog poop with a delicate overlay of lysol hand-wipes.  Nice.

Now, aren't you glad you took the time to click on the link and read this wonderful tale?
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