The Indefatigable Trincomalee

17 January
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I’m a traveler, a horsewoman, a reader, a teacher, and (always) a student. I’ve been a librarian, history teacher and equestrian instructor at a military prep school and while my existence as a librarian continues, it is now in the public arena. I'm an adoptor of stray cats, retired racehorses and various and sundry lost causes. I spend my spare time working with various historical societies and animal rescue charities, finishing a languishing thesis (or rather, not) and living my imaginary life as an armchair sailor in the great age of sail. If the restrictions of time and space did not exist I would most like to listen to a John Wesley sermon, watch Robert E. Lee in action and have dinner with Julius Caesar. Or perhaps a stint as a small sly cat aboard a historic ship would be fun. Well, as long as it wasn't the "Mary Celeste."

My world is rather eclectic and my interests are broad. You are welcome here, to share my love for books, history, faith and animals; tales of tall ships and battles at sea and all the odd little things we never realized we even liked until we met each other. To this list I'll add a love of dark chocolate; a purring cat; a windblown, ripping gallop on a good horse and a long afternoon of reading. I also love Bluegrass music, (much to the dismay of some of my friends), the evilly delicious ice cream of Cold Stone Creamery, and firmly believe every day is the better for a little tasteful naughtiness.

Places I've sailed, things I've seen... There is a lot of world yet to cover.

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